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The two year period of this section was perhaps the most tumultuous period in OS recent history. The first year started with a new Director General who had inherited an organisation whose activites were growing and an internal market which had become a deadweight. He introduced radical thinking to determine the core remit for the organisaton as it entered the digital 21st century in a world increasingly dominated by the web. The second year, followed his resignation, with what proved to be a difficult period, for some of us, in trying to preseve the strategy while a new appointment was made.

Ordnance Survey in the New Millennium


  • Year1: New Vision for OS
  • The N's Projects
  • Techncial Strategy
  • Year 2: Topo96 Fastrack
  • Digital National Framework
  • NTD2 > NGD
  • People


Corporate Office, William Roy Building, Ordnance Survey, Romsey Road, Southampton, S016


Start: 01 October 1998
End: 01 October 2000

Updated KJM 03 April 2014