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The Stockport Posting

Arriving in the Stockport office early on the 28 December - I found myself "in the field" by late morning working on a 1:1,250 resurvey map in Marple. There was no New Years Day holiday at that time - so later in the week I also found myself taping lines through thin accumulations of snow in Ley Hey Park while people were stepping over it to go to family parties. I had joined a new embryonic team that was forming there and would move to Malton in N Yorks later in the year. However that plan soon collapsed (postponed due to lack of funds) - hence a longer stay in Stockport, and then Manchester, until something more settled was found.

The Stockport Office

The office was on the first floor in an old Victorian terrace of shops - opposite a bakers. It had two surveys sections: a field section and a revision section. The new section must have brought the numbers up to around 14-16 in the first half of 1970.


54 St Petersgate, Stockport, Cheshire, %postcode%


Start: 29 December 1969
End: dd month 1970