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New introduction page added for "1970s"

With a large number of activities the Ordnance Survey index page has been broken into four decades: 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and 2000's with a dedicated page for each

The "1970's" page has now been loaded and the three others will be added shortly. The index pages also adds sone context regarding the associated decade at national/international and Ordnance Survey levels.


Survey Training

Leaving home

A few days after passing my driving test I left home in early March 1969. Leaving Manchester Piccadilly, changing at Birmingham New Street (it was new then and just as inhuman) and then heading south I was slightly apprehensive. I was a home-bird - what had I done? After noticing that the landscape had changed dramatically eg the chalk cutting at Winchester station, the train soon arrived in Southampton. Following the instructions I took a bus to Bitterne Park and digs at 20 Whitworth Road.


Aim of this section: The word "topography" is partly derived from the Greek word "topos" which refers to "place" and the term more generally to the science of physical features [of a planet]. I should say that the Landscape section sticks more rigidly to that definition than this Topo section - which is as much about recording aspects of social history of the people, places and organisations though the channel of a number of projects undertaken form the late '60's to date.

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