Cumbrian mountains & limestone paving

Lake District 10,000 resurvey

The map at the bottom of the page shows the extent of the 1:10,000 survey [KJM] completed over the 1975-76 seasons. John Woolridge and Paul Frankie at Penrith would have had similar coverages.

The Penrith office 1:10,000 area not ony included the central-eastern and north-eastern mountains but the area of Shap. It also extended east of Crosby Ravensworth/Tebay where limestone paving and shake holes offering a foretaste of the nearing Yorkshire Dales

Penrith field office

The Lake District

Arrival in Penrith

Having agreed a voluntary swap with Keith Schofield in autumn 1974 from OS Llanrwst to OS Penrith I travelled to Penrith on Monday 07 April 1975. We had made a day visit to the office on 23 December the previous year to meet people and familiarise ourselves with the town; John W. Parker was there. I had met John briefly when he took over the OS Llangefni section in early 1973.

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