Cycling Routes

Cycling career

My cycling career took a long time to get started. My great Aunt Emily found my first bike dumped in a back lane near her house in Heywood in the mid '60's. It was a three-speed Falcon road bike. The front wheel was missing and the thread on the frame where the nearside bottom bracket cup fitted had been stripped. My Dad got it on the road - with straight handlebars (but original brake levers!). I used it a lot round and about, including my foray into making a local map. Compared with a friends five-speed bike it was hard work on the local hills.


Cycling through the landscape

Cycling gets you out of doors into the world - there is a strong link with geography which is partly why it attracted me in the first place.

This is clearly a shared connection:

To love cycling, inevitably means to love geography and additionally, the different regions.

and now for something different

As a contrast to maps and earth sciences here are few more things - all loosely related to topography of course.

The Arts


The majority of my reading is factual and those books of value are referenced on the appropriate pages. A limited number of recommended fiction writers will be added such as Orhan Pamuk whose writing of and around Istanbul is absorbing.

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