2500 Mapping

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  • 1:2500 Air Ground Overhaul
  • 1:2500 Air Ground Resurvey


Start: May 1975
End: October 1976


The Mountains of Snowdonia

1:10,000 resurvey mapping

Note: The map at the foot of the page outlines the extent of the 1:10,000 resurvey work compelted by KJM. It does not include the work covered by other members of the section or any 1:2500 surveying

1974 summer season

The season started after the training in late May in north east Snowdonia (near Conwy) and I can still remember the terrific views from the Foel Lus slopes above Penmaenmawr and Dwygyfylchi.

OS Llanrwst

Ordnance Survey office for work in Conwy Valley & north & east Snowdonia

Date posting in: xx April 1973
Date posting out: xx Nov 1973
Date posting in: xx Feb 1974
Date posting out: 26 March 1975

Conwy Terrace.

OS Llanrwst

Into the mountains!

The Llanrwst posting was an exciting opportunity: another beautiful part of the world and one that I knew little of and there was new training (for the mountains) on offer. I knew some of the people and it was the people of the srea who made the posting rather special. In the event I had two periods at the office in Llanrwst, a posting to Bala for several months in the winter of 1973/4 provided yet perhaps unique mapping experience.

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