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Links to online map & imagery sites

I have included several sub-pages here covering different types of mapping. I find them useful - so others may do so as well? While it is possible to seach for theses examples - some are better than others and some lie buried within an organisation's website. These sites are mainly "closed" services but the ability to adopt, integrate and publish them yourself is growig and I'll add some examples in future

Online Mapping

The list of themes below is a selection of those available today. These are ALL FREE to view and some may be incorporated in your own services. The sub pages (where they exist) provide several more examples with links and ratings.

Themes below are in alphabetical order:

Theme Example Updated
Aerial Imagery Britain from Above [historical] 20170903
Base [topo] Mapping Open Street Map [world] 20170903
Cadastral [property] Mapping Land Info New Zealand 20170903
Earth Sciences eg earthquakes/volcanoes USGS Earthquake map [>2.5] 20170903
Geology BGS Geology - UK 20170903
Historical Maps Bristol City Council [via menu] 20170903
Local Government Calderdale MBC base map 20170903
Meteorology Netweather tv Radar [UK] 20170903
Place Names Place Names [ONS] 20170903
Statistics ONS Statisticsal Change 20170903
Transport Open Sea Map [shipping - world] 20170903


  1. More links (&rated) on the sub pages
  2. but not all sub pages exist currently (sorry).
  3. Sub pages exist where linked [underlined].
  4. Themes to be added: Admin Units, Astro, Archeology/Protected Sites, LandCover/Use, Local Govt [world], Marine,....

Metadata Services

I will add a section of metatdata services here

KJM 03 Sep 2017