The night's sky

NASA Hubble Sees Sparring Antennae Galaxies


Our world came out of our solar system and the universe 4.5 billion years ago. Over the last half century we have learnt so much about the universe. It turns out to be more complex than we could have imagined - even the concept of a "uni"verse is now challeged. Was the so-called "big bang" a unique event? The more we discover - the more questions we raise - which all together builds an incredible story.

The Moon missions of the 1960's were trully inspiring - humans moving beyond the Earth for the first time, images of the Earth from our Moon and detailed images of the other planets in our solar system. The NASA space programmes pushed back the boundaries of technology and many the methods used today eg in Earth Observation were developed to meet the needs of that time eg mapping the Moon and Mars.

The Space section will highlight selected features from Earth Observation to the Moon, the planets, our solar system and beyond.




Start: before the big bang
End: ongoing


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