The universe, our landscape & heritage.

The world we live in

The more I travelled the more I wondered how the landscapes I visited had evolved into the features around me - and what will happen to them in future?. The idea that much of the land had been under the sea (and may return there) continental movement had buckled landscapes to make mountains and these had been scraped by glaciers ... all of this was never really covered at school and increasingly intrigued me for a number of years.

On top of this there was the human impact on the landscape, the archeology from ancient to recent industrial sites and then there was space. How does anyone find out about these things in the days before the internet? - with great difficulty! Books generally either went into great scientific detail or were so superficial that one learned nothing at all. Finding literature that was pitched at the right level and was authoritative on the topic is essential.


The door was opened to explaining how our geology developed was through A.E. Trueman's "Geology and Scenery in England and Wales". There are similar books for Scotland and Ireland. Of course the landscape will continue to evolve, plates will continue to move land masses and the next ice age is overdue. The "Natural" pages will explore some of these features.

Human impact

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Around the same time (mid '70's) the book that told the story of how the human topography has evolved was W.S.Hoskins "Making of the English Landscape". This was a major step forward in translating fragmented academic research into an accessible story of how our towns/villages/landscape have evolved over the centuries. More recently Francis Pryor has taken this work further with his "Making of the British Landscape" - a more than worthy successor to Hoskins. The "Human" pages will explore some of these features and archeological aspects. Travelling reveals many more stories - but few more stunning than Hagia Sofia in Istanbul (above photo - July 2004).


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Finally - space presented all kinds of questions and still does. The space missions of the 1960's-70's were both exciting but also opened up all kinds of new questions. Though limited the Space pages will incorporate will record some of these features.

Interrelated Timeline

The thread that holds these three topics together is "time". Our evolution started with space from which the Earth evolved along with it's processes and then .....very, very recently ourselves and our impact . A timeline will be added to support the three sets of pages.

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Earth & Space


Start: before the big bang
End: ongoing


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