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A a child I did a lot of walking - our family did not have a car until 1960 - so it was either public transport of walking. My mother walked a lot. She took me to school (also pushing a pram) and back which for her was over four miles a day. On holiday we would go for walks - nothing serious - just a walk. Those born in the 1930/40's seemed to do a lot of walking as part of their everyday life. Now many able people get in their car to go 300m to the garage for a paper - I am not sure that is progress.

Mountains & Hills

It started with climbing hills, little things at first but then bigger challenges. I guess it really started when part of our family moved to Holyhead in North Wales in 1965. "Holyhead Mountain" sounded like a challenge and what a view from the top (though it rarely included Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Lake District as the guidebooks often promised). The main areas of hill and mountain walking have been:

  • Lake District
  • Snowdonia

Long distance walks

The following walks have been completed or are in progress:

  • Calderdale Way [completed twice]
  • Clarendon Way [completed ]
  • Isle of Wight Coastal Path [completed - 2nd iteration nearing completion]
  • Pennine Way [in progress]
  • Test Way [completed]
  • South Coast Path [completed - 2nd iteration nearing completion]
  • South West Coastal Path [in progress]

More information

Since these walks are primarily undertaken by groups, involving family members, the walking pages are in the family website: threekitchenhill




Start: early1970's
End: ongoing

Family website - walking pages: threekitchenhill walking pages