New Zealand 2013 {Article under development}

Highlights of New Zealand

This page [will] highlight some of the geoscience and mapping related topics from a recent trip to New Zealand. There will be additional material on supporting pages. The image set below is a full view of the Flickr site gallery.

Earth Sciences

A page will be added to highlight several items if interest including:

  • Tectonic overview
  • Thermal features
  • Volcanic features
  • Major faults
  • Glacial Features


You can track New Zealand Earthquakes here: maps of latest movements - click on a region eg "Wellington", then "maps & stats" and then head for the "larger map" to see quakes over the last 2-3 days and the level of intensity.

Location Data

Some examples of national dataset developments developments will be outlined on the supporting page.

In the meantime you can find out about Land Information New Zealand [LINZ] here.


Start: 16 Oct 2013
End: 07 Dec 2013

References & Links:

New Zealand Earthquakes: maps of recent earthquake locations
Land Information New Zealand [LINZ]: the organisation managing national land information data sets.

Updated KJM 01 Feb 2014