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Martin Parr -  making an exhibition of himself

Why is Parr interesting ?

Parr's has a keen eye for ordinary people going about ordinary activities. He seems to be able to select an instance that represents a regular activity - but it is never boring or tedious.

The image frame a life event, often lit with humour, but at times with a sense of of unease or foreboding. They hit a nerve because they are often of events you have been involved in yourself in some way.

"English life" is one of his recurring themes and this provides the basis for an exhibition in 2013-14 "Only in England" where he returns to his early days and influences.

His photographs now cover a period of almost 40 years - so they are also becoming a record social history as well recording fashions, cars and even attitudes recorded in detail. The images are always technically excellent; so involved does he get with his subject that it is almost possible feel the texture of the subjects clothes or skin .... and take in the scents and smells of the location.

In some ways he is doing , with people what the surveyor does with the topography when making a detailed map .... by taking an abstraction of real life he renders it graphically in a way that others can then relate to and explore in detail.

{Add more about Parr's 1975-79 Calderdale work here & the "Non-Conformists"}

More about Martin Parr

For more photos, to read his responses to many questions, films and much more .... I suggest you visit the links below.

If you can get to the exhibition at the Science Museum in London before 16 March 2014 - you will be well rewarded.


Start: 1970
End: current

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