"Music is the geology of sound"

Material laid down over time - fresh exposures reveal new insights that are forever accumulating new perspectives These fresh openings lead to new experiences and can range from heavy opera to folk and "rock". Like many people in the 1960's I properly discovered music in bed listening to Radio Luxembourg on a "transistor radio". That did not last for long - a ship moored off the Isle of Man started "pirate broadcasts" - Radio Caroline and we acquired a hefty radio which was on most of the time we were awake.

The Caroline broadcasts were very influential moving interest on from a few Elvis, Hollies and Beatles singles in the early 1960's to the new world of "LP's".

Radio Caroline:

Caroline (North)" was moored off the Isle of Man and played all kinds of niche music such as "A Teenage Opera" and music by David McWilliams. There seemed to a Northern Ireland connection via country singers such as Frankie McBride. Here I discovered Simon & Garfunkel and then one day Caroline disappeared. Radio One came along but never did match what we had lost.

Radio Caroline North moored off the Isle of Man .... a rare oil painting (by me) signed "KM May '68" [on plywood!]

Thanks for some great times Radio Caroline!

As I travelled and met different people - we exchanged music ideas:

In Southampton

Bob Dylan*
Pink Floyd*
(*my brother was playing albums by these artists before I left home)
Pete Cory was the main influence in Southampton. Thanks Pete!
Pete & I also attended the Isle of Wight Pop Festival 29-31 August 1969

In Stockport:

Fairport Convention
Two "milkmen" who were in the same Stockport digs both came from Stoke (a work experience year from their "Business Studies" course - I guess it paid better than an office?). They were great guys, we all played a lot of football in the evenings, had a few drinks and they introduced us to some very different music in Fairport. If I had to make a choice the music of Fairport in the early '70's would certainly make my top three and more than likely pole positron.
Thanks guys!

Then things changed - I went to North Wales. The late '60's and early '70's was a rich time for music - but much of it passed me by in the early days on Anglesey. Occasionally new material came to my attention such as Barclay James Harvest in 1972. BJH had started out in Oldham around the time I was working there (1967). There was not the mass of information feeds as there us now. By the time I reached Halifax (late1970's) we were acquiring a number classical music albums.


Then by the late 1980's things came full circle and the cassette and CD had arrived along with more ways to discover music - and the collection has grown. In more recent years there has been more growth in good talent in all areas of music. Surprisngly perhaps but Late Junction of Radio Three has been the source of many albums from less well known artists and folk singer such as Jackie Oates, The Unthanks though to others like Sufjan Stevens

The pages [yet to be attached] will include some recommendations and maybe a top 10?

Updated KJM 27 Spetember 2013