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Family Connections

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Our family have followed Manchester City for as long as we can remember. Ronald Grundy (my uncle) was the man who influenced the rest of us but what got him hooked I'll never know. He took my brother and I to Maine Road a couple of times in the late 1950's or early '60's. I can recall standing on the old north terrace in the sun and some footballers. Unfortunately we were products of a non-sporting family and the influence would take some time to develop.

At school (Hollins, Hebers in Middleton) there was a higher proportion of boys who supported Man United (in the mid-late '60's they had plenty of supporters in Manchester!). In the 4th year there were ~4 MU to 1 MC supporter in our class. These lads came from Langley, an overspill development taking families from Manchester in the late '50s. Even though I only had an interest in cross-country running at that time - I also knew I was a Man City supporter. Somehow these things capture you and never let you go.

Slowly the interest grew and finally flourished as I was leaving home, this influenced my youngest brother (and now his own family) and my eldest son is now also keeping the flame alive.


During the last decade Man City moved from Maine Road to the City of Manchester stadium and is now called the Etihad Stadium. Both grounds have been within the City of Manchester

Maine Road

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Living in and near Manchester for many years I visited Maine Road more times than I have been able to get to the new ground . The digs in Wellington Road North in Stockport during 1970 were even better located than home in terms of access - especially for mid-week games.

The ground holds the record for the highest number of spectators at a match: 84,569 - a record for a club ground.

Etihad Stadium

The new stadium is in an area called Eastlands (though it was called Bradford originally when it was a very industrial part of Manchester). The City of Manchester stadium was used as the main venue for the 2002 Commonwealth Games - the photo at the top of the page was taken in 2004.

The new stadium, now called the "Etihad Statium" is part of Sport City where the Velodrome and other first class sports facilities are also located. The pair of photos above were taken in December 2012. An extensive new Manchester City training complex is currently being built [2013-14] in the same area.


Thes articles highlight a few things about Man City including some photos from games and other events.

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