Cycling through the landscape

Cycling gets you out of doors into the world - there is a strong link with geography which is partly why it attracted me in the first place.

This is clearly a shared connection:

To love cycling, inevitably means to love geography and additionally, the different regions.

This will not please Mrs Boisseau, who encouraged the young pupil that I was to meticulously bury myself in all kinds of maps, but regular visits to cycling races have led me to discover geography differently.
Christian PRUDHOMME Tour de France

There are two sections:

Cycling Events

The events pages cover a few races attended over the years such as the Tour of Britain and the Tour de France.

Cycling Routes

These pages describe some of the cycling routes I have used since the late '80's when I got hooked on cycling. The aim is provide each route with a map and profile along with descriptions and where available some photo material.

Some of the route data can also be downloaded from the my-tracks website.