and now for something different

As a contrast to maps and earth sciences here are few more things - all loosely related to topography of course.

The Arts


The majority of my reading is factual and those books of value are referenced on the appropriate pages. A limited number of recommended fiction writers will be added such as Orhan Pamuk whose writing of and around Istanbul is absorbing.


This page is not intended to compete with the IMDB but will reflect on a few films that may have gone under the radar for example Heimat by Edgar Reitz - the 80 year long history of a German family - starting at the end of the First World War.


Music is the backdrop to events in most peoples lives - especially where new people introduce new music. A few favorites from Fairport Convention to Wagner will be acknowledged


The work of Don McPhee and Denis Thorpe on the Guardian has resulted in some of the most iconic images of our country over the second half of the twentieth century. So a tribute to some truly inspiring people will be added to pages here.



In 1980 I bought a bike to go to work on - eventually this idea this took off .... in 1986 and I have been an addict ever since. So here you will find some material on:

  • Cycling Events: races eg Tour of Britain
  • Cycling routes: a few of the routes I have used & still use.

Manchester City FC

A few notes on Man City and a selection of games (where photos exist - home and away)