Version releases of this website

Version 2.00

This version onwards is based on the Drupal content management system, using the Zen theme as a base. The package appears to have a high degree of flexibility and is well designed to maximise reuse!

The current format should respond and adapt to your device screen width automatically (wide screen to mobile).

Limitations in v2.00

  1. Limited content in all sections; the June 2013 release aims to largely replicate the v1.00 website. It also has new material [eg OEC.English Heritage, 1969 Survey training & Bron Celyn]
  2. Limited maps and map coordinates; more maps will be added - the process proved troublesome initially but I believe I now understand the Drupal approach to OpenLayers and user data but also wish to trial alternative inputs eg GeoJSON and RDF.
  3. Limited map marker styles and formats,
  4. Limited photos; largely due to the need to scale down today's megapixel images for the web (and early issues with the Gallery module and the Image module
  5. Basic tables - need to bring into the page styling scheme

Known Issues in v2.00

  1. There are no known issues currently [04 June 2013]

As an ex-Ordnance Survey employee you may ask why I am using OpenSteetMap for the default map pages and not OpenSpace? The principle reasons for this are:

  1. Map data beyond Great Britian that will be published,
  2. OpenStreetMap rendering is consistent at all zoom levels.
  3. Flexible user data input and visibility,
  4. OpenLayers is available via a standard interface.

However I do use OpenSpace on threekitchenhill and maybe well do so again here on some of the OS pages.

KM 15 June 2013 [updated]

Version 1.00

Previous versions have been published from 2010 onwards using static html pages . These were created and updated in Serif WebPlusX4. This package worked well - especially when starting the website though I was not 100% happy with the structure and layout of v1.00. Early (and frequent!) changes in styling. little use of templates and limited extensibility all led to a site that grew very very slowly.

KM 31 March 2013