Aim of this website:

This is a personal website of Keith Murray (there is also a family website here at threekitchenhill ).

The topics listed below are of some interest to me and may also be of interest to anyone interested in maps, the landscape, archeology and all things associated (including albeit tentatively: cycling, football and the arts!).

The outline aims of this website are:

1. Social History

To record ways of working and processes as well as related social aspects of the time.
- this will include short descriptions of organisational work activities, locations and associated events.
- it is a "view of the period" and is not intended as a complete historical record of events.

2. People & acknowledgements

To note some amazing people I have met since starting work and how they have either inspired or supported me in some way.
- this recognises that none of it would have been of any value at all if it was not for the people I have met and worked with.
- at the same time I can only reflect on a small number of cases - omissions are not intended to deny support. See Privacy page.

3. Interests

To publish and share material in which I have an interest.
- mapping always, but also the evolution of our landscape.
- in contrast some arts and sport interests

4. Maps and Photos

To provide an outlet to published map and photo related material.
- this could be the main subconscious aim!
- "everything happens somewhere" - so I will aim to support all topics with a location where that is possible.

5. Commentary

To offer comments and views (all personal to me) on topics of interest.
- topics associated with the headings above.
- topics associated with current developments.


  • many of the topics from the last 10-20 years in particular will be in the public domain and I will aim to provide links/references where possible.
  • I don't believe that there will be any threat to national security & there is no intention to breach the Official Secrets Act with any of this material!!.
  • other items will be from memory or records/notes I have maintained - and always from a personal perspective.

The topics are of interest to me and I very much hope that you will also find something of interest as well!