Sept 2014 - Tour of Britain

2014 Tour of Britian

Another successful year for the home tour

Cavendish - Tour of Britain Time Trial
14 Sept 2014: Tour of Britain - Unselfish Mark Cavendish thrills the crowds on the Victoria Embankment

He worked hard for his team mates to win this year.

What else will you find on these pages?

Where will the tabs at the top of the page [and down the right hand side] take you?

There is a "topo" section on work experiences - not so much about me but a bit of social history, inevitably thorough my eyes, about life and work experiences in the Ordnance Survey over several decades and other places. The "obs" section offers some reflections and commentary on current, past and future issues and topics. The "landscapes" section provides a few illustrations on the world about us, mainly geoscience and geomorphology topics. There is also an "interests" section.

Here is an overview of those sections:

    topo section topics
helicopter in Rosthwaite "Stuff about work": a few [topographically related] stories about experiences in the following organisations - paid and volunteering:
  • Oldham Education
  • Ordnance Survey
  • English Heritage
    obs section topics
LOD -2009 cropped "Observations" on data and wider development topics. Not much there at the moment but several topics are planned (Future of NMA's, Open Data, OpenStreetMap, Linked Data, Public Sector Apps etc) - I have been sitting on these but I guess I increasingly feel the need to say something on them ..
  • Data
  • Developments
    landscape section topics
Landslip Compton Bay Reports from the continually evolving world(s) about us:
  • Natural Landscape
  • Human Landscape
  • Space
    interests section topics
A few wider topics of interest (that may also be topographically related?):
  • Cycling
  • Man City
  • Film/Books
  • Music
  • Photographers
  • Long Distance Walks
    maps section topics
seville tapestry Maps: and finally a few things about mapping & related stuff:
  • Map with all data layers used on the site
  • Map links & resources
  • Map gallery [to be added]
  • Map references [to be added]

Forthcoming articles

Please note that several pages remain as placeholders at this stage - material will be added in the next few months. If you would like see more about any of these topics sooner rather than later - please let me know using the contacts email address.

If you'd like to see the aims of the website - they are in the "About" section: Aims

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